The Nan'ao Bridge will ultimately be connected to China's national expressway network as construction on the Nan'ao link road begins, Nan'ao TV reported.

The link road is among the three new expressway construction projects to be initiated in Shantou.

The construction crew of the link road will be based in Chao'an District in Chaozhou and in Chenghai District in Shantou. The road, stretching for 33.773 kilometers, will start at an entrance to the Nan'ao Bridge and end at the Shaxi entrance to the Shankun Expressway.

According to the report, the Shantou section of the road will run for 18.337 kilometers, and the Chaozhou section will run for 15.436 kilometers. The main road, 34 meters wide, will include six lanes.

The construction will cover roadwork, bridge engineering, drainage work, landscape engineering and work on other supporting facilities.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)