During the New Year holiday, a group of volunteers were busy providing services at the Shantou Train Station, parks, scenic sites, and cultural venues under the organization of the city’s civilization office.


At Xiaogongyuan Park, the volunteers came on duty in three shifts. They helped vehicles to park in an orderly manner, provided free tea and drinking water to the tourists, suggested traveling routes, offered emergency rescues, and assisted in environmental and public security management, according to a volunteer with the park.

“The volunteers have worked so hard to serve the citizens during the holiday. I’m impressed by their work. Thumbs up for them,” said a citizen surnamed Zhou.

At the entrance to the Shantou Museum, volunteers were seen helping visitors make reservations for the museum and register their health codes, reminding the visitors to take safety precautions, and helping them to deposit their luggage.

According to staff with the museum, visitors can also find medicine and consultation services at a volunteer station by the entrance.

During the holiday, traffic peaked at the train station and bus stations. Passengers were greeted by volunteers who helped to carry luggage and provided consultation, ticketing and lost and found services.

The volunteers were also there to help manage public order and remind the passengers to wear masks and take temperature checks.

(Source: Shantou Daily)