A meeting on the preparatory work for the 2021 Shantou Asian Youth Games was held in the city on the afternoon of Dec. 28. Hosted by the Shantou Asian Youth Games executive committee, the meeting summarized progress made in the preparatory work and emphasized requirements for the next phase of preparation.

According to the meeting, 41 national Olympics committees had submitted the first batch of forms for participation in the Games as of Dec. 23. Technical representatives of 17 events have been confirmed, with many event details updated and procedures streamlined.

The 22 Asian Youth Games venue construction and renovation projects across the city are accelerating their pace to ensure the projects are completed as scheduled. Cai Huiyuan, a staff member of the Asian Youth Games executive committee, said that around 67 percent of the total construction work has been completed.

As for the 140 ongoing urban infrastructure improvement projects, 15 have been completed, 84 are currently under construction and 41 will begin construction soon.

The meeting also highlighted priorities of the next phase of the preparatory work. According to Huang Yangsheng, another staff member of the Asian Youth Games executive committee, several opening ceremony service projects will soon be put out to tender, after which an executive team for the opening ceremony will be formed. The formulation of a plan for the torch relay is also under way.

(Source: Shantou Daily)