The 3rd Asian Youth Games aims to showcase the dynamism of the youth and the vitality of Shantou. The use of new technologies in the construction of various venues for the event perfectly echoes its aim as it shows how the city is eager to embrace technological innovation. A good example is the Asian Youth Games main venue project, for which smart construction has become a feature.

Smart construction refers to the comprehensive use of on-site monitoring, back-end data and smart platforms to better monitor all links and aspects of a construction project, which helps to further improve workers' safety at construction sites and ensures construction quality. One of the most representative technologies of smart construction is building information modeling (BIM). By far, BIM technology has helped the project team to solve dozens of problems and optimize over a hundred of links.

Jiang Yingxue, a BIM technology engineer of the project, gave an example.

"We need to build an arch-shape wall for this venue. Walls of this shape are harder to build than the normal ones. With the BIM technology, we can decide the types and sizes of the bricks to be used, then simulate their arrangement to avoid gaps, and then give instructions to the construction workers. The use of the technology surely saves time and money."

One of the most difficult links throughout the whole construction process is the installation of electric wires, especially for the corridor on the first floor. With the help of the BIM technology, installing a mass of electric wires for such a narrow arch-shape corridor has become much easier.

"The BIM technology helps us to find out possible problems before we actually start the installation process. With the technology, we're able to optimize the electric wire network so as to facilitate installation," said project manager Guan Hailong.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)