The emblem, mascot and slogan are not only the basis for different aspects of work, such as organization, promotion and marketing, but also key elements for publicity and conveying culture. Since the global call for emblem, mascot and slogan designs was launched in November 2019, the event has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. By April 30, 2020, a total of 4,447 designs were submitted, including 737 for the emblem, 291 for the mascot and 3,419 for the slogan. The selected works stood out after two rounds of review.

The selected designs of the emblem, mascot and slogan were approved by the General Administration of Sport of China on November 5 and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) on November 14, 2020. The mascot design was highly recognized by Husain Al Musallam, director general of OCA. On November 21, the press conference of Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games Organising Committee was held in Shantou, China and the emblem, mascot and slogan were officially unveiled.


The design for the emblem: The emblem is inspired by the ancient red-colored merchant boats that overseas Chinese in Chaoshan area used in their overseas trade in the past centuries. Now it has become the bond of affection between overseas Chinese and their motherland. The shape of the emblem resembles the Chinese character "shan", the first character of the city's name, and includes the sun logo of the OCA. The emblem presents the image of sports in the bright sunshine and shows the vigorous spirit of Asian youth.


The design for the mascot: The mascot is inspired by Shantou's city flower—Jinfeng Flower (peacock flower) and integrates the local cultural elements including "Cuojiaotou" (gable) of Chaoshan traditional dwellings and boatbow-liked shoes into the design. The fusion of blooming Jinfeng Flower and glorious sun, the core element of the OCA's emblem, embodies the values of the OCA.

The design for the slogan:

"Surging waves": As one of the birthplaces of Chaoshan culture and one of the earliest special economic zones established in China, the coastal city Shantou rides the wave of reform and opening up. "Surging waves" not only signifies the spirit of the ocean and the vigor and passion of Asian youth, but also aims at encouraging Asian youth to pursue their dreams head-on like sailors taking on the waves in the sea.

"Dynamic youth": "Dynamic youth" highlights the essence of the Asian Youth Games and shows the dynamism of health and fitness. Together with the previous line of "Surging waves," it also presents the vibrancy, enthusiasm and courage of Asian youth in the Games.

Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games Organising Committee

November 21, 2020