The installation of new metal rooftop panels for the Shantou swimming and diving hall is nearing its midpoint. Four newly-built buildings have recently topped out. These are some of the advances in the Shantou swimming and diving center renovation project, which is progressing smoothly as scheduled.


One of the renovation projects being rolled out in the city to prepare for the upcoming Asian Youth Games, the Shantou swimming and diving center project comprises the renovation of the swimming and diving hall and building eight new buildings and several sports fields.


With a metal rooftop that resembles a sail and a seashell combined, the Shantou swimming and diving hall is already a landmark of the city.


After serving the city for around two decades, however, its metal rooftop has lost luster and the venue was not capable of hosting large-scale events such as the Games.


The renovation aims to upgrade the swimming and diving hall, but maintain its existing appearance.


According to deputy project manager Huang Yuanwei, the process of metal rooftop panel installation is estimated to be completed by around Oct. 20.


(Source: Shantou Daily)