Recently, the first river tunnel in East Coast New Town, the underwater tunnel of Cuifeng Road, finished the concrete casting of the main body of its first section.

Home to the main venues of the 3rd Asian Youth Games and the east campus of Shantou University, the Tagangwei area of East Coast New Town has several main roads under construction.

To maintain the natural landscape of the inland river in the Tagangwei area and present a harmonious environment, CCCC Investment Company Limited has adopted the combination of bridges and tunnels for the roads that will need to cross the river.

The Cuifeng Road tunnel travels under the river and connects Cuifeng Road to Zhongyang Boulevard. The two-way six-lane tunnel is 750 meters in length. Construction was launched in April and the main body is expected to finish in February next year.

The tunnel consists of 24 sections. The section which finishes the concrete casting is the open section which is 25 meters in length and 28 meters in width. When the tunnel is put into use, vehicles will be able to pass through it, interconnecting the traffic network in the area and upgrading the overall environment of the city.

(Source: Shantou Daily)