A renovation project on the section of Jinsha Road between Jinhuan Road and Jintai Interchange and its surroundings in Longhu District with a total investment of 172 million yuan (US$24.5 million) is now calling for bids, according to Shantou Municipal Public Resource Exchange Center.

The 3.8-km road section will be renovated into an eight-lane dual-way boulevard with a speed limit of 60 km/h. It will be visually enhanced by a quality environment and landscaping and will greatly facilitate urban traffic and improve the infrastructure construction ahead of the 2021 Asian Youth Games. The project will also renovate the section's support facilities, including drainage, transportation, greeneries, affiliated facilities, and illumination.

After renovation, the road section will be able to accommodate larger traffic flows, thus enhancing the traffic efficiency on the road network of the city's downtown area and boosting the development of the regional economy. It will also facilitate citizens' travel experiences and improve the urban environment of Shantou in preparation for the Asian Youth Games.