The living quarters for Asian Youth Games athletes, comprising 10 buildings that make up the major component of the second phase of the Asian Youth Games main venue project, have been topped out July 26.

The topping out of Building 8, the last one, came after more than 30 hours of incessant work by the construction crew, as the last procedures of pouring and stirring cement, smoothing and polishing the rooftop surfaces, and spraying water for surface maintenance have to be completed back-to-back without any break.

Tang Jialing, one of the construction workers at the site, told Shantou Olive Channel that despite the scorching weather, everyone was happy about the successful topping out.

The second phase of the Asian Youth Games main venue project covers a total area of approximately 330 mu (220 hectares). The more than 3,500 rooms in the 10 new dormitory buildings will serve as the athletes' dormitories during the Games and afterward, be used as the dormitories for Shantou University students when the event ends. The second phase of the project also includes the construction of a 735-meter-long, 20-to-60-meter-wide waterway, four bridges over the river and two municipal branch roads which are all underway.

The second phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by July 2021.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)