Renovation of the rooftop of the old swimming and diving center has started recently. Despite the high temperatures that have charred the city for days, the construction crew is working hard to speed up the construction.

Xia Xingcai is a welder from Yunnan Province. He has worked on the welding of metal plates for days, and the cotton-padded jacket he wears to protect against welding sparks has gained a few burn holes.

"The work is tough, but the schedule is tight. So we have to work very hard," said Xia.

Peng Qiwang is responsible for installing the decorative plates to the rooftop. Working at heights of more than 20 meters off the ground, he has to install almost 100 plates every day.

According to Huang Fupeng, production manager of the swimming and diving center renovation program, to ensure the health of the workers, more rest areas have been added, and a medical service station has been set up on the site.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)