Construction of the main body of a ventilation shaft standing on the south bank of the Haiwan Tunnel was completed on the afternoon of July 18 as construction workers poured the last cubic meter of concrete into the structure.

The ventilation shaft is one of a pair of shafts to be set up on the south and north banks of the Haiwan Tunnel respectively. As ventilation facilities, they will channel fresh air into the tunnel.

Construction of the south bank ventilation shaft began in early November 2019. Standing at 64.8 meters with a diameter of 10.7 meters, its exterior will be covered by glass curtain walls. The curves of the glass walls will resemble waves as an homage to the city’s role in the 21 century Marine Silk Road and the influence of Chaoshan culture worldwide.

The south bank ventilation shaft will soon enter the next construction phase: exterior decoration.

Construction of the north bank ventilation shaft will also begin soon.

When completed, the two ventilation shafts will become a symbol of the Haiwan Tunnel.

(Source: Shantou Daily)