Installation of a 1,000-ton, 120-meter truss for the Asian Youth Games stadium, one of the main components of the Asian Youth Games main venue, was begun July 12.

As the largest truss of the structure, it will provide the majority of support to the stadium's roof, the appearance of which will resemble a splashing wave.

"The truss comprises nine parts. The first part to be installed is 18 meters in height, 5,200 cubic meters in size and 72 tons in weight," explained Guan Hailong, manager of the engineering department of the stadium project, adding that it would take at least five days to complete the installation of all nine parts.

With all equipment in place, installation of the first part of the truss began at 11 a.m. After around 10 hours of work, it was lifted to its designated position at over 30 meters' height.

Steel construction of the stadium began in mid-May and is estimated to be completed by August. Metal roof construction and interior decoration will follow to wrap up the project.

The Asian Youth Games main venue comprises a 22,000-seat stadium, an 8,000-seat gymnasium, a conference center, a training hall, a spacious outdoor patio and several other supporting facilities.

(Source: Shantou Daily)