The drive time between east and west Shantou will be cut to half an hour after the construction of Zhongyang Boulevard is completed in June 2021, Shantou Daily reported.

Workers at the construction site of Zhongsha Bridge, part of Zhongyang Boulevard. Xu Yi

The 18.64-kilometer boulevard, an extension of Zhongshan Road East, is a city express way with 10 lanes and no traffic lights. It starts from the east bank of the Xinjinhe bridge, runs through Shantou's central district, East Coast New Town and Chenghai District, and ends at Lianfeng Road. With an investment of 6.5 billion yuan, it is a key construction project for the 2021 Asian Youth Games.

In addition, Shantou has invested 2.7 billion yuan into road construction around the Tagangwei area in East Coast New Town, where the main venue of the Games and the east campus of Shantou University are located. Six new roads will be built, including Wuzhou Boulevard and the Cuifeng, Meifeng, Zifeng, Yinghua and Wanfeng roads. All the new roads will have at least four lanes, and four of the roads will be connected to Zhongyang Boulevard.

Meanwhile, renovation of the junctions between Shenhai Highway and Zhongyang Boulevard was initiated in March and is expected to be finished before the Games.

(Source: Shantou Daily)