Renovation of the Shantou swimming and diving center, which began Jan. 31 and is currently in full swing, is estimated to be completed by late March of 2021, according to the renovation project team in an informal meeting with a team of representatives of the municipal federation of trade unions recently. 

The meeting was among a series of events the municipal federation of trade unions has held across the city to send greetings and express thanks to workers who have to work outdoors amid the recent scorching weather. 

Representatives thanked construction workers at the site for the contributions they have made to the city, reminded them to take good care of themselves, and sent out herbal tea to all workers. It was also emphasized that measures to prevent workers from getting heatstroke should be implemented to ensure their health.

The team was led by Chen Xiangguang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Shantou Municipal People's Congress and president of the municipal federation of trade unions.

Outdoor workers visited by the team included traffic policemen, road cleaners, sewage cleaners, gardeners and construction workers.

(Source: Shantou Television)