Computer-generated 3D images of Jinwan East Coast Park, the first park to be added to the city's East Coast New Town, were unveiled recently. Covering an area of 609 mu (40.6 hectares), the park will become a landmark of East Coast New Town once construction is completed.

Just like the Asian Youth Games main venue, the park is located on Shantou's east coast. It comprises three parklands and will be divided into four areas with each area themed around an important period in the city's history.

To earn a living amid frequent wars and natural disasters, many Chaoshan people chose to leave their homeland and travel on sailboats to Southeast Asian countries in the Ming and Qing dynasties and in the Republic of China era. With drama shows, Chaoshan opera shows, landscape lighting and sailboats, the first area of the park is a retrospection of Chaoshan people's tears and joy on foreign soil.

Surrounded by high-rises and featuring a meandering river, the second area is designed to resemble a vale which implies the development of Chaoshan people both at home and abroad in recent decades.

Themed "let dreams fly high," the highlight of the third area is a plaza with a huge statue symbolizing the hardworking and dauntless spirits of today's Chaoshan people.

The fourth area, whichis themed around "embracing the future," includes a memorial forest, two plazas and a public stadium.

Construction of the park is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)