Houhuayuan Village, standing at a high altitude and veiled in clouds, is a popular destination for visitors to Nan'ao Island in Shantou.

Located to the north of Guolao Mountain on the island, Houhuayuan Village is warm in winter and cool in summer. As 90 percent of the village is covered by forest, it is a "natural oxygen bar."

Driving from Houzhai, a town in Nan'ao, visitors will go upward along meandering mountain roads in cloud and mist to reach the tourists' center of Houhuayuan Village.

Next to the center is a tea factory. As Houhuayuan is known for Song Tea, a variety of Chinese tea, it has been developed into an ecological tourist site where visitors can tour around the tea plantations and experience the fun of rural life.

Houhuayuan is also a good place to appreciate azalea blossoms. Each year around the Qingming Festival when the flowers come into full bloom, the mountain will be covered in scarlet.

After parking at the tourists' center, visitors can stroll to the top of Guolao Mountain while enjoying the brisk breezes that blow on the mountain. The woods of Phoebe Zhennan trees growing along the mountain with their twisted roots and overlapping branches are also a wonder to see.

Continue traveling higher and you will come across an air-raid shelter. Don't let the darkness inside the shelter intimidate you and keep you from walking inside. The exploration is made worth it when you get to the other side of the shelter where you get to embrace an open view.

On top of the mountain is a sightseeing platform where your eyes are greeted by wonderful seaside sceneries of zigzagging coastlines, fish breeding nets and a view of the Shen'ao Bay.

Getting off the platform, visitors can return to the tourists' center to enjoy some Kungfu tea and savor the unique culture here.

(Source: Shantou Daily)