Located in Haojiang District, the Shantou Swimming and Diving Center is one of the renovation projects across the city for the Asian Youth Games. Of the eight new construction structures of the project, structure No. 6 has been topped out recently while construction of the other seven structures are also in full swing.

The eight new structures include a water polo hall, a table tennis hall, a gymnasium, an office building, a teaching building and three dormitory buildings.

Taking advantage of the recent sunny weather, the approximately 500 construction workers at the site have accelerated their pace to advance the progress of the construction.

Meanwhile, the removal of the metal roof of two existing structures, a swimming hall and a diving hall has also been completed.

According to project manager Huang Fupeng, topping out of the seven other structures will be completed in the upcoming months. Structure No. 6 will next enter the phase of secondary structure construction, to be followed by interior construction and exterior wall construction.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)