The results of Shantou Delicacies, a two-month event aimed at finding out which eateries and local specialty foods are most recommended by citizens, were unveiled recently. A total of 30 eateries and 30 local specialty foods stood out from 485 eateries and 380 food items to make the 2020 "most popular eateries in Shantou" and "most popular local specialty foods of Shantou" lists.

After a preliminary review by a panel of judges, the lists of eateries and local specialty foods were shortlisted to 119 and 215 respectively. Experts were then invited to visit the eateries and try the foods in person before scoring, while citizens were also encouraged to submit scores online. The scores given by both experts and citizens were taken into consideration to ensure the results reflect both professional opinions and public preferences.

Among the 485 eateries that signed up for the event, some are time-honored brands while others are Internet-famous brands that became known only in recent years. According to the Shantou Delicacies panel of judges, the cost performance and customer retention are  important standards to tell whether the eatery is popular or not. Additionally, eateries, whether with a long or short history, should constantly improve themselves in all aspects including chefs' cooking techniques, dining environments and services so as not to be left behind and forgotten by patrons.

The 380 local specialty foods covered a wide range of food categories such as fruit and vegetable products, aquatic products, meat products, wine, tea and condiments. According to the panel of judges, in order to be named one of the most popular local specialty foods, a food item must meet a list of criteria including distinctive local features, recognition by local residents, handy and artistic packages and most important of all, irresistible flavors.

Hosted by the Shantou Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and co-organized by the Shantou Special Economic Zone Press Group, Shantou Television and the Shantou Academy of Gastronomy, Shantou Delicacies, which began March 17, is part of the city's effort to promote local delicacies and local food cultures, and raise its reputation as a tourist destination.

(Source: Shantou Daily)