Young people from China Construction Eighth Engineering Division are the mainstay for the construction of the Shantou Asian Youth Games' main venue. Construction would not have been so smooth without their passion and vitality amid the coronavirus epidemic. We interviewed some of them to listen to their thoughts.

"Youth is ephemeral. In this limited time span, I wish to contribute to the world as much as possible." – Xiao Jianhui, labor administrator

"Photography is both my responsibility and my hobby. By capturing moments in the process of project construction, I'm also keeping a record of our youth." – Liu Beinuo, aerial photographer

"It has always been my dream to take part in the construction of a venue that embodies youth." – Xie Yuanxun, chief engineer

"No one is born understanding safety. It all depends on how much reverence you have for life." – Zhao Linwei, safety engineer

"I'm determined to devote my youth to construction. Together with the more than 900 fellow workers of the Shantou Asian Youth Games construction project, we will win the battle against the epidemic." – Wang Yuexiaotian, construction worker who assisted in the construction of Shenzhen's version of Xiaotangshan Hospital

"Young people should be smart and progress in sync with the era. Our task is to make construction sites intelligent with the help of big data." – Jiang Yingxue, BIM engineer

"I believe that just like rivers will eventually converge into the sea, a fundamental change will take place after plenty of efforts have been made." – Yan Bin, trial engineer

"I sit in a place close to the sky, controlling the arms of the crane to fulfill the dream of all of us." – Wang Shen, tower crane operator

"I think we young people of this new era should be powerful, energetic and reliable." – Zhang Hongchuan, Asian Youth Games construction project manager


(Source: Shantou Asian Youth Games official website)