A steel column weighing more than five tons was lifted steadily by a crawler crane and moved to be installed on the concrete foundation of the Asian Youth Games stadium, one of the main structures of the Asian Youth Games main venue project, on the morning of May 7. This is the first steel column being installed in the project site, marking the start of steel structure construction.

The Asian Youth Games main venue project consists of a 22,000-seat stadium, an 8,000-seat gymnasium, a conference center, a training hall, a spacious outdoor patio and several other facilities. The appearance of the whole project will resemble a splashing wave to showcase the city's marine culture. After serving the Games, the new city landmark will be used to host recreational, cultural and sports events to enrich citizens' daily life.

The steel structure of the stadium will include a combination of inverted triangle-shaped trusses and arch-shaped trusses, among which is a huge arch-shaped truss spanning 118 meters and weighing 800 tons. Four crawler cranes, two with a lifting capacity of 350 tons and two of 320 tons, will be used to lift the steel parts.

(Source: Shantou Plus)