Travel agencies in Shantou are offering one-day tour routes to citizens as tourist sites have reopened after being closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nan'ao – the most popular destination for one-day tours

If you are looking for somewhere with a blue sky, beautiful coastlines and seafood that makes your mouth water, Nan'ao will never fail you.

Tour routes to the island include morning and afternoon departure routes. Tourists who choose morning departure will tour around the south coastline in the morning and visit scenic spots such as the Houhuayuan Village or Huanghuashan Hill in the afternoon. Those who choose an afternoon departure will hit scenic spots at Huandao Road in the daytime and enjoy a meal at the beach in the evening before leaving the island. Popular spots on the island include Qihang Square, Haisi Square, Qing'ao Bay and Huanghuashan National Forest Park.

Meanwhile, as the Nan'ao Bridge has been toll-free since the epidemic outbreak, many citizens have been driving to the island on weekends. Most of them are frequent visitors and prefer places less explored, such as Zhuxi Bay, Yunao Fish Port and Shilin Silver Beach.


Zhonghai Happy Farm – a wonderful choice to live a slow life

If you are enchanted by the poetic, idyllic life portrayed in ancient poems, you would not want to miss the Zhonghai Happy Farm. Hit the farm, and you will have the chance to pick your own vegetables as well as to catch a chicken and roast it in a clay kiln. Take a stroll in the fields, and you will find inner peace as you immerse yourself in nature.

To create a safe and comfortable environment, the farm has limited entries. Visitors who want to roast a chicken need to book a kiln in advance.

Danying Ecological Park – a place for the joy of farming

Apart from admiring flowers and delicately designed gardens, visitors can also enjoy the fun of farm work from sowing to reaping in Danying Ecological Park as it is renting out its farmlands for rice and vegetables to visitors. With the guidance of experienced farmers, parents and kids can grow rice or vegetables in the fields together and reap what they sow in the harvest season. Leading up to harvesting, the farmers will take care of the crops.



Haimen Lotus Peak Park

Haimen Lotus Peak Park is one of Shantou's eight new scenic landmarks. The peak is named after a rock that stands on top of a hill with a crevice that altogether resembles the petal of a lotus flower. It has been reopened, since April 7, after being closed due to the epidemic outbreak.

The park not only entertains visitors with its marvelous seaside views, it also offers varied experiences in culture and history as it was the site of a battle in the late Southern Song Dynasty.

Indoor facilities are not open to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors are required to buy tickets with their ID and should keep at least one meter away from each other while waiting for entry. All visitors should have their temperatures checked and register their personal information upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius will be barred from entry. While in the park, visitors are required to wear a face mask.