Shidai Square, once a wasteland and now Shantou's central business district (CBD), is a witness to the city's development.

The square, which takes up an area of 170,000 square meters, has 110,000 square meters of green coverage by luxuriant trees and grasslands. Its cluster of modern buildings such as the Lim Por Yen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Xinghe Tower and Shantou Library makes it the "guest hall of Shantou," a wonderful place for citizens to spend their leisure time.

Next to Shidai Square stand multiple business complexes, such as Suning Plaza, Chicony Square and a MixC mall which is under construction.

Each day at nightfall, the square receives visitors coming to enjoy light shows on the towering buildings around. The dazzling illuminations, along with fountains that dance to music, compose an impressive view. 

Walking across Zhongshan Road through a footbridge, one will get to Kaifang Square, another must-visit site in Shantou. 

Themed “a voyage towards a green ocean,” Kaifang Square highlights ecology and consists of a fountain square, a green path, a garden, a rose park and a leisure zone. At the center of the square stands a bell tower that overlooks the city.

In May 2017, the square was still a flour factory. The government then decided to transform the factory into a public park as it was located in the city's central area. Later, the factory was demolished, and the construction of the square started in October 2017. In four months' time, this new park hidden in the busy CBD was presented to the public.

The square is named Kaifang (which means "opening up") Square to reiterate the mission that Shantou was given when it was designated as one of the first special economic zones in China and the spirit of the reform and opening up.

△开放广场的日与夜 摄影/章晓武


Shidai Square: Take bus 10/14/21/22A/30/43/46/64/65/105/105 night bus or K1 to Shidai Square South Stop, or bus 46/49/51/54/64/65, night bus line 1, night bus line 2, or the special line between Shidai Squre and Shantou University to Shidai Square East Stop

Kaifang Square: Take bus 10/14/21/22A/30/43/46/64/65/105/105 night bus or K1 to Shidai Square South Stop, or bus 46 to Jinhuan Haibin Crossroad Stop.

Temporary changes to bus routes may be expected for reasons such as road renovation.

(Source: Shantou Olive Channel)