As one of the top-eight tourist sites in Shantou, Interior Bay is a treasure of the city and its people.

With banks adorned by high-rise buildings and a coastline dotted with boats and ships, Interior Bay is a crystal-clear mirror made by nature, reflecting the breathtaking views of the bridge that spans across it to Queshi Mountain at sunrise and sunset. Shantou owes its glamour partly to the beautiful bay.

Near the bay, the islands of Mayu and Luyu are embraced by Haibin Road and Nanbin Road. Queshi Bridge and Haiwan Bridge arch over the bay, and multiple scenic spots such as Queshi Mountain, Xidi Park, Shipaotai Park, Chaoshan History and Culture Exhibition Center, the city’s natatorium and the East Coast New Town are just a stone’s throw away.

Xidi Park
Shipaotai Park
Chaoshan History and Culture Exhibition Center

In Shantou, the sea is embraced by the city, and the city is surrounded by the sea. The citizens of Shantou live in an environment surrounded by beautiful views.

Boarding a ship to enjoy the sunset or visiting the Piaoran Pavilion on a sunny day to catch a view of the whole city, one will quickly understand why Interior Bay means so much to the people of Shantou.

Queshi Mountain
Mayu Ecological Park
East Coastline Boulevard

Coastline Pathway on Interior Bay’s northern bank or Renmin Square: Take bus 9/13/19/23/25/35/46/48/53/103/105/123/K1 to Guangchanglundu Stop

Nanbin Road on Interior Bay’s southern bank or Chaoshan History and Culture Exhibition Center: Take bus 37/49/162/314/515/K7 to Chaoshan History and Culture Exhibition Center Stop