Shantou is becoming greener as an increasing number of public places including parks and plazas have their walls and hedges removed to increase accessibility and better integrate the greenness of their flora to the urban landscape. Elaborately trimmed lawns, bushes and trees that were once behind tall walls are now visible from afar as a feast for the eyes of citizens.

In Shidai Plaza in Longhu District, the hedges that once surrounded the southern side of the area have been removed. A lawn with fresh air is now just a few steps away from the pathway along Zhongshan Road East. An open view of the plaza is also easily accessible.

In Shipaotai Park in Jinping District, the walls on the southwestern side have been removed and three new footpaths have been paved. A citizen surnamed Lin told Shantou Daily that taking a stroll in the park has now become much easier as there is no longer a need to detour in order to find the park entrance.

(Source: Shantou Daily)