More efforts will be made and more resources will be pooled to ensure infrastructure construction projects for the Shantou Asian Youth Games are completed in time and other preparatory work proceeds as scheduled, according to an Asian Youth Games executive committee meeting held on the morning of Jan. 11.

High standard, high efficiency, thrift and transparency remain the working principles of the executive committee. In the following 313 days, the committee will further improve its work efficiency to facilitate the preparation processes.

Xu Qi, head of the volunteer department, said that the department has formulated a series of volunteer policies, and that the department's focus on the next phase is to roll out several themed events to encourage more citizens to join the volunteer team.

The Asian Youth Games will serve as an important window for the city to showcase the charm of its local culture. Chen Haiyong, head of the cultural exchange department, said that Shantou should integrate more local cultural elements into key events including the opening and closing ceremonies and the torch relay. The executive committee will also roll out a raft of cultural exchange activities to promote local culture.

Based on current pandemic prevention control situations at home and abroad, the executive committee required relevant departments to learn from international events held in recent months to optimize pandemic prevention and control efforts, and to maintain timely communications with all delegations.

The executive committee also encouraged all staff members to stay in Shantou for the upcoming Chinese New Year to minimize personnel flow so as to reduce the risk of being infected.

(Source: Shantou Daily)